Pathways to #Eurovision victory 2022: Ukraine

This year’s Vidbir, the Ukrainian national selection, was won by Kalush Orchestra with Stefania. Eventually: Or, rather, Kalush Orchestra was given the opportunity to represent Ukraine after the original victor in their national final withdrew: once again, the issue of… Read morePathways to #Eurovision victory 2022: Ukraine

Slava Ukraini: Ukraine beyond the numbers

What is happening in Ukraine is horrible–and the West needs to do more. Thinking this will stop at Ukraine is naive, at best. Barring Russia from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022 was an obviously appropriate tack to take. It’s… Read moreSlava Ukraini: Ukraine beyond the numbers

Semi-Final One of the 2021 #Eurovision Song Contest

Thanks to political insurrection and subsequent rather lame-arsed hegemon trolling, Belarus was removed from this year’s Eurovision after having been allocated to the first semi-final. As a result, there were only 16 entries competing for 10 spots in the Grand… Read moreSemi-Final One of the 2021 #Eurovision Song Contest

Strongest, toughest ever? 2018’s first #Eurovision semi-final in context

“Brutal.” “A bloodbath.” “So unfair.” “Toughest semi-final in history.” These were but a few of the comments made in the Lisbon bubble about the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest first semi-final. The overwhelming consensus was that Tuesday’s line-up of entries was… Read moreStrongest, toughest ever? 2018’s first #Eurovision semi-final in context

Lisbon 2018 Retrospective: Semi-Final Two #eurovision #allaboard

The first 2018 semi-final offered an embarrassment of riches: there being a sense of disappointment with what would follow on Thursday seemed inevitable. But even with a lowered set of expectations, what was delivered on Thursday felt, with a few… Read moreLisbon 2018 Retrospective: Semi-Final Two #eurovision #allaboard