First thoughts on the 2021 #Eurovision Grand Final

Let’s start with the awesome stuff! Kudos Congratulations Måneskin for winning the 65th Eurovision Song Contest. This is Italy’s third victory—but their first where televoting was an aspect of the scoring system. Italy’s 524 votes included 206 jury votes and… Read moreFirst thoughts on the 2021 #Eurovision Grand Final

Lisbon 2018 Retrospective: Semi-Final One

There are few aspects of the Eurovision for which a consensus view emerges. But in 2018 there seemed to be one: that the first semi-final had more than 10 qualification-worthy entries. A corollary of this is that the second semi-final… Read moreLisbon 2018 Retrospective: Semi-Final One

Schlager on the Bloc: Scandinavia, Back Scratching, and the Eurovision

It’s been happening for years. As long as there’s been a live voting sequence at the Eurovision Song Contest some countries seem to be more…supportive…of one another. Thus, in this article we focus our lens on the Scandi bloc and it’s voting history in the semi-final era of the Eurovision Song Contest.