Pathways to #Eurovision victory 2022: Ukraine

This year’s Vidbir, the Ukrainian national selection, was won by Kalush Orchestra with Stefania. Eventually: Or, rather, Kalush Orchestra was given the opportunity to represent Ukraine after the original victor in their national final withdrew: once again, the issue of… Read morePathways to #Eurovision victory 2022: Ukraine

Pathways to #Eurovision victory 2022: Sweden

This year’s Melodifestivalen was won by Cornelia Jakobs with Hold Me Closer: After a relatively weak performance in 2021—where Tusse’s Voices finished 14th in the Grand Final—many fans wondered if SVT’s formula for persistently high ranking entries was losing its… Read morePathways to #Eurovision victory 2022: Sweden

Sweden, the #Eurovision, and the Popular Vote

In 2015 Sweden earned their sixth Eurovision title, two years after winning their fifth. Around that time Christer Björkman having said tying Ireland’s seven victories was a goal, claiming that have the most recent victory would mean Sweden leads Ireland…. Read moreSweden, the #Eurovision, and the Popular Vote

Slava Ukraini: Ukraine beyond the numbers

What is happening in Ukraine is horrible–and the West needs to do more. Thinking this will stop at Ukraine is naive, at best. Barring Russia from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022 was an obviously appropriate tack to take. It’s… Read moreSlava Ukraini: Ukraine beyond the numbers

2021 #Eurovision Running Order Analysis

Mere moments ago the EBU released this year’s running order: 🇨🇾 Cyprus / Elena Tsagrinou – El Diablo 🇦🇱 Albania / Anxhela Peristeri – Karma 🇮🇱 Israel / Eden Alene – Set Me Free 🇧🇪 Belgium / Hooverphonic – The Wrong Place 🇷🇺 Russia / Manizha – Russian Woman 🇲🇹 Malta / Destiny – Je Me Casse 🇵🇹 Portugal /… Read more2021 #Eurovision Running Order Analysis

The 2020 #Eurovision semi-final allocation draw

Today the 2020 Eurovision season kicked up a notch. There was the “insignia exchange ceremony” from the Tel Aviv organizers to those from Rotterdam (which is mildly interesting) and the allocation draws for the semi-finals (which is very interesting). I… Read moreThe 2020 #Eurovision semi-final allocation draw