Stefania’s Triumph

Source: YouTube/Eurovision Song Contest


Kalush Orchestra’s massive 631 points total score is not a record in-and-of-itself. However, Stefania has set several records:

  • Highest ever televote score: 439 points
  • Highest ever average televote score: 11.25 (nearly 12 points)
  • Highest ever percentage of maximum televote total: 94 per cent
  • Second highest ever total number of points
  • Second highest ever percentage maximum points overall total: 66%

Salvador Sobral’s Amar pelos dois retains the total score record of 758 points, which represented 77% of maximum points overall. Even factoring in that 2017 had two more entries (each to allocate 24 points, so 48 additional points), Ukraine 2022 didn’t quite match Portugal 2017’s scale of victory.

Aside from providing the Eurovision with its first proper hip hop champion, in many respects, Ukraine’s 2022 victory is one for the record books! Let’s drill down.

The public

Stefania earned douze points from a record 28 delegations: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden,  and the UK. The previous record was 18, achieved by both Sobral and 2012’s Loreen with Euphoria.

It’s not unusual for a massive score to reflect points from every (other) delegation: it doesn’t happen every year, but it happens. In 2022, not only did every delegation’s televote give points to Ukraine, they each gave a lot of points.

In addition to all the douze points, eight delegations awarded Ukraine 10 pointss, two awarded 8, and one—Serbia—awarded awarded Kalush Orchestra 7 points. That’s the floor of Ukraine’s televote score: fourth place with a single delegation.

In other words, Stefania was top 3 in 38 out of 39 delegations.

Source: YouTube/Eurovision Song Contest

The juries

Stefania also was given a lot of jury love. Stefania’s 192 points ranked Ukraine fourth overall, which is only a bit lower than Jamala’s jury score of 211 points. However, 1944 was the jury runner-up in 2016. But the difference between first and fourth this year was 91 points: Jamala had 109 points to make up. So the rankings are relevant, but under the current system, this is a game of total points. Not rankings.

There was a lot of jury love for Kalush Orchestra. If you were concerned about there being an “Eastern European” jury skew, Kalush Orchestra also received jury points from Iceland, France, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland and San Marino. In all 26 of 39 juries awarded some points to Stefania.

Ukraine was ranked first by five juries: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania & Moldova. In terms of the rest of the Russosphere bloc Stefania got 7 points from Israel and Cyprus, 6 each from Armenia and Azerbaijan, and Georgia: the Estonian jury blanked Ukraine.

Speaking of juries

Reports that the jury results from six delegations participating in the Second Semi-Final are very troubling. That would represent 1/3 of the jury points available to the entries competing on Thursday Wednesday night.

It is not yet clear if the “irregularities” represent issues internal to each of these juries, or if there are allegations of something between juries. In the interest of giving Ukraine its moment, expect more information in the coming days.