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As the fortnight wraps up here in Lisbon–two more nights of shows and we will have our 2018 champion–I thought I’d update some of the press work I’ve done elsewhere. But first kudos to the Portuguese-led team who’ve done a good job organising things. I think the Grand Final has too long an opener, but it seems the folks are convinced they will never ever win again and are trying to do everything this time!

Fair enough.

Radio NZ

I was on Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan minutes after last night’s second semi-final results. Managed to get them to play part of Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s Together, Eleni Foureira’s Fuego and France’s Mercy. I think. And Eurovision tragic is my word, not theirs.

I did another interview for RNZ, this time for Lately. The whole episode is available, but you can scan ahead to 34:28 to get to my bit.

ESC Insight

I am accredited as part of these fine folks. I’ve earned my stinkin’ badge:

Plus I am the person behind the Insight FaceBook page‘s Number of the day.

It’s been mostly fun working with these folks, but there’s clearly a team-within-the-team. Once I made peace with that (and did more of my own thing) my overall Eurovision experience improved.

And I’m part of the inaugral Eurovision New Zealand jury!

As I did earlier this week, I will be live tweeting tonight’s Grand Final dress rehearsal. Half the points on offer will be allocated based on tonight’s performances (and politicking; there’s already scuttlebutt about). Since all the acts have been performed at least once I won’t be worrying about spoilers. So stay off my twitter if you like surprises.

Meanwhile, Ireland’s now third in the betting odds and people are shitting themselves. As am I. Aside from Portugal, the only country whose official gear is completely sold out in the official shops? IRELAND’S.

And last night I explained to a gaggle of admitted homosexuals how Verka ensured that Ukraine did not win the 2007 Eurovision. There will be a t-shirt coming so YAY!

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