Cheap and cheerful update: how did we do?

Broadly speaking, OK, considering we’ve not seen any of the full rehearsals nor the jury shows before using our schtick system.

Semi-Final One

Predicted: Malta, Ireland, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Croatia, plus Sweden and Cyprus.

Actual: Malta, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Cyprus, plus Belgium, Israel and Norway.

Only made 8 predictions and got 6 correct. So a cowardly 75 per cent. Really surprised Croatia didn’t get through: seems well performed, modern and both North Macedonia tend to give a fair number of points to Croatian entries (so up to 48 point head start, theoretically) when as little as 90 points might have been enough to qualify. We’ll know more after the Grand Final.

Semi-Final Two

Predicted: Iceland, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Portugal, Albania, Serbia, and Greece.

Actual: Iceland, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Albania, Serbia, Greece plus San Marino, Finland and Moldova.

Never should have counted out Moldova and I meant to include San Marino (yeah yeah). So I went 7/8 so 83 cowardly per cent.

Will update the article once we have the jury and televote rankings from this year’s two semi-finals.