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  S1 Televote Jury S2 Televote Jury
1 Belgium  Greece  Belgium Turkey  Azerbaijan  Georgia
2 Greece  Iceland  Portugal Azerbaijan  Turkey  Turkey
3 Iceland  Belgium  Greece Georgia  Romania  Azerbaijan
4 Portugal  Russia  Albania Romania  Denmark  Israel
5 Serbia  Serbia  Bosnia and Herzegovina Denmark  Georgia  Armenia
6 Albania     Armenia    
7 Russia     Ukraine 7th 10th
8 Bosnia     Israel    
9 Belarus 8th 12th Ireland 14th 6th
10 Moldova 10th 13th Cyprus 10th 9th


  S1 Televote Jury S2 Televote Jury
1 Greece Greece Lithuania Sweden Sweden Slovenia
2 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Denmark Bosnia Denmark
3 Finland Finland Iceland Slovenia Romania Sweden
4 Iceland Russia Serbia Romania Denmark Austria
5 Lithuania Georgia Finland Bosnia Ukraine Romania
6 Georgia     Ukraine    
7 Hungary 8th 10th Austria    
8 Serbia     Ireland 6th 10th
9 Russia     Estonia 13th 6th
10 Switzerland 12th 7th Moldova 8th 13th


  S1 Televote Jury S2 Televote Jury
1 Russia Russia Albania Sweden Sweden Sweden
2 Albania Romania Moldova Serbia Serbia Serbia
3 Romania Albania Greece Lithuania Lithuania Ukraine
4 Greece Ireland Cyprus Estonia Turkey Estonia
5 Moldova Greece Romania Turkey Estonia Malta
6 Ireland     Bosnia 7th 6th
7 Cyprus     Malta    
8 Iceland 8th 11th Ukraine    
9 Denmark 9th 6th Macedonia 8th 9th
10 Hungary 11th 7th Norway 6th 18th


  S1 Televote Jury S2 Televote Jury
1 Denmark Denmark Denmark Azerbaijan Romania Malta
2 Russia Russia Russia Greece Greece Azerbaijan
3 Ukraine Ukraine Moldova Norway Azerbaijan Greece
4 Moldova Montenegro Ukraine Malta Norway Norway
5 Belgium Lithuania Austria Romania Switzerland Georgia
6 Netherlands 9th 6th Iceland 9th 8th
7 Belarus 8th 9th Armenia 11th 7th
8 Ireland 6th 10th Hungary 8th 11th
9 Lithuania     Finland 10th 6th
10 Estonia 13th 8th Georgia    


  S1 Televote Jury S2 Televote Jury
1 Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Austria Austria Austria
2 Sweden Hungary Sweden Romania Romania Finland
3 Hungary Sweden Hungary Finland Poland Malta
4 Armenia Armenia Armenia Switzerland Switzerland Norway
5 Ukraine Ukraine Azerbaijan Belarus* Greece Romania
6 Russia 6th 11th Norway    
7 Montenegro 10th 7th Greece    
8 Iceland 9th 8th Poland    
9 Azerbaijan     Malta    
10 San Marino 8th 13th Slovenia 9th 8th

*6th in both


  S1 Televote Jury S2 Televote Jury
1 Russia Russia Russia Sweden Sweden Sweden
2 Belgium Estonia Belgium Latvia Israel Latvia
3 Estonia Belgium Greece Israel Latvia Norway
4 Georgia Georgia Georgia Norway Poland Israel
5 Romania Romania Netherlands Slovenia Norway Malta
6 Greece     Cyprus 8th 8th
7 Armenia 6th 12th Lithuania 6th 10th
8 Hungary 11th 6th Poland    
9 Serbia 7th 13th Montenegro 9th 11th
10 Albania 8th 10th Azerbaijan 11th 9th


  S1 Televote Jury S2 Televote Jury
1 Russia Russia Malta Australia Ukraine Australia
2 Armenia Austria Russia Ukraine Australia Belgium
3 Malta Hungary Armenia Belgium Belgium Ukraine
4 Hungary Armenia Czechia Lithuania Poland Israel
5 Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Bulgaria Bulgaria Lithuania
6 Azerbaijan 7th 6th Poland    
7 Austria     Israel    
8 Cyprus 6th 9th Latvia 7th 8th
9 Czechia     Georgia 11th 7th
10 Croatia 10th 7th Serbia 10th 9th


  S1 Televote Jury S2 Televote Jury
1 Portuga Portugal Portugal Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria
2 Moldova Moldova Australia Hungary Hungary Netherlands
3 Sweden Belgium Sweden israel Romania Norway
4 Belgium Sweden Moldova Netherlands Israel Austria
5 Cyprus Cyprus Azerbaijan Norway Croatia Denmark
6 Australia     Romania    
7 Armenia 7th 6th Austria    
8 Azerbaijan     Croatia    
9 Poland 6th 11th Belarus 7th 9th
10 Albania 8th 10th Azerbaijan 11th 9th


  S1 Televote Jury S2 Televote Jury
1 israel Cyprus Israel Norway Denmark Sweden
2 Cyprus Czechia Austria Sweden Moldova Norway
3 Czechia Estonia Albania Moldova Norway Australia
4 Austria Israel Bulgaria Australia Ukraine Netherlands
5 Estonia Austria Czechia Denmark Hungary Malta
6 Ireland 6th 8th Ukraine    
7 Bulgaria     Netherlands    
8 Albania     Slovenia 9th 9th
9 Lithuania 9th 11th Serbia 8th 11th
10 Croatia 10th 7th Hungary 10th 9th

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