2022 Eurovision Semi-Final One analysis

Although in many ways the story of our first semi-final in Turin was Stefania, there were other stories to be found from sifting through the data.

And sift we have done!


Just as they did in their Grand Final result, Kalush Orchestra racked up several achievements during Semi-Final One. Including:

  • Highest score (337 points)
  • Highest televote score (202 points)
  • Third highest jury score (135 points)
  • Most televote douze points: 12
  • Most televote douze points: 4 (tied with the Netherlands and Greece

Out of a maximum potential televote score of 228 points (France and Italy also voted in this semi-final), 202 points represents 89 per cent of the maximum available. They were first or second with every delegation except Albania, who had them third. Jury-wise, only Bulgaria and Austria blanked Ukraine on Monday night, en route to 135 points.

Source: YouTube/Eurovision Song Contest


When S10 (pronounced ‘Steen’) made singing in Dutch a condition of her Eurovision participation some in the Netherlands were doubtless worried. After all, a bit element of the Dutch Eurovision renaissance has been singing in English. No one need have worried.

In addition to being second with juries (142 points), De Diepte was seventh with the public (79 points), leading to a second place finish overall, on 221 points.

The Swiss, Danish and Ukrainian juries each gave S10 douze points; in fact every jury had de Diepte in its top 10. And while their public score was lower, every delegation’s public vote also awarded the Netherlands some points. Well done!

Source: YouTube/Eurovision Song Contest


As in the Grand Final, a huge jury score elevated Greece significantly. They were first with the juries on Monday night with 151 points. The Netherlands, Norway, France and Italy all put Die Together first, but every jury gave Amanda Tjenford some love points.

Their televote points were 60, but that was good enough for 8th in the public ranking. Eleven national televotes awarded some points to Greece, including douze points from Norway. Given that Tjenford lives in Norway, bagging 24 points from them is not a surprise!

Source: YouTube/Eurovision Song Contest


Some years we struggle to find favourites: 2022 gave us several, including Maro’s stunning Saudade, saudade. Some were concerned this would be ignored by the public in a semi-final with several bangers and uptempo entries. Again, no worries.

Maro was fourth overall (208 points), fourth with juries (121 points), and sixth with televoters (87 points). Both the Croatian jury and Swiss public awarded Portugal douze points. Saudade, saudade’s only null points came from the Italian jury.

Source: YouTube/Eurovision Song Contest

Slightly misaligned

As in most years, the juries and public did not agree on the top 10 entries. The public only had Switzerland’s Boys Do Cry 16th (second from last) and 11 televote points. Albania was ninth in the public vote (46 points), but receiving only 12 jury points (14th ranking) sealed Sekret’s fate.

Juries had Croatia’s Guilty Pleasure 10th (42 points), but 13th ranked Moldova was lifted by its large televote score.

Because it’s points, rather than rankings.

But something really fascinating happened in this year’s Second Semi-Final—two things in fact!