2019 #Eurovision jurors by the numbers

The EBU have released the list of all 205 jurors for this year’s Eurovision. For perhaps the first time, all of the names are provided: usually there are perhaps a handful of delegations missing a name. Rather than conduct an exhaustive analysis, here’s a few highlights:

  • There are slightly more men (111) than women (94). A perfect split would be 103/102. No evidence of any non-binary/fluid folks, in terms of gender.
  • Average age is 41. The median age is also 41. Youngest is 16 and oldest 82
  • 11 jurors have ever appeared onstage as a named artist. That excludes most backing vocalists or dancers or other performers. None have previously won the Eurovision.
  • 102 are musicians of some sort, including singers, artists, instrumentalists and performers. That does not include composers or songwriters–who probably are performers of some sort, but aren’t named as such in their jury microbios.

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