2017 League Table Update

We have made our annual update to the League Table page. Here’s what’s changed subsequent to the Kyiv 2017 results:

  • Portugal earns its first ever points—with its maiden win and first ever top 5 result for Salvador Sobral and Amar Pelos Dois—but a delegation needs a lot more than 5 points (the value of a Eurovision Song Contest victory) to make the table top 10.
  • Bulgaria earns its third entry (worth 4 points) with their best-ever second place—that’s two places better than last year’s If Love Was a Crime by Poli Genova.
  • Hey Mamma’s third place brings Moldova to the League Table for the first time (3 points).
  • Belgium nets their second 4th place in three years (and third top 10 in a row): even with another 2 points they remain well back of the leaders.
  • Sweden adds yet another single point for Robin Bengtsson’s I Can’t Go On.

Despite their absence in 2017 Russia retains the overall lead, with 31 points. In fact, even if Sweden had netted victory in Kyiv, Russia would retain their lead.

3 thoughts on “2017 League Table Update

  1. Am I being daft here?? Should the UK not be 9th with 13 points?

    97 5 points
    98 4 points
    02 3 points
    09 1 point

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