Semi-final one serviette of death

As is tradition here in the bubble, we each make our predictions for semi-final qualifiers and (once we have the Grand Final list confirmed) a top 10 for Saturday night. This year we have a semi-final that will be a bloodbath (too many great entries that deserve a slot), another where I struggle to name more than 7 worthy qualifiers, and a bevvy of automatic finalists that might do well too.

Too hard. All too hard.

Rather than wait until tonight’s semi-final one jury show (where half the scores are determined), I’ve done my serviette for the first semi-final:

Albania, Czechia, Lithuania, Armenia, Estonia, Israel, Croatia, Finland, Ireland, Cyprus

Which also means I am gutted for Belarus, Austria, Greece, Switzerland. Belarus for the cascadingly epic WTF moments Alekseev provides.  If I get 5/10 I will be surprised.

Any potential winners in this semi? Oh yes: Estonia, Cyprus, Israel and outsiders Lithuania and Finland. Heart says Estonia, head says Cyprus.

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